Evolve IT Australia | Evolve IT Australia
Don’t have an in house IT company? Need someone to manage your IT needs on your behalf? Evolve IT managed services do just that. That’s what we are about.
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Cloud – sick of hearing the word? Well our cloud team (or shared services to be exact) isn’t sick of it. In fact they LOVE the technology in a very weird somewhat creepy way. This team get excited about enabling businesses to become agile and secure whilst directly reducing existing IT costs and ultimately helping the company bottom line. Hosted platforms such as AWS and Microsoft allow for our shared services geeks to put together customised offerings such as Office365, VOIP and security to name a few.


Project people are weird but we are very pleased to say our people are less weird and they need to be. The team help your business get to where you want to go. They are all gun listeners and communicators as this is simplistically the key to a successful project – understand your business. From there, the less weird and very intelligent team collaborate and create, to implement IT solutions that help your business grow, change and succeed.

Project Services


Support, Helpdesk, Service Desk – BORING. We offer a high level helpdesk solution for companies and we monitor this and that …. Blah Blah Blah. Frankly, this is the reason for our success. We have the best “real people” that actually care about helping people taking a “fresh approach” and we do IT helpdesk services and support for your business better than anyone else. FULLSTOP..