Who Has Two Thumbs And A Stand-Up Desk “This Guy”

Who Has Two Thumbs And A Stand-Up Desk “This Guy”

Who Has Two Thumbs And A Stand-Up Desk – “This Guy”


When Nick told me that he was getting a stand-up desk (sit-stand desk / stand-sit desk) I couldn’t help but be a little skeptical (I think I called it “stand-up comedy”). Nick was off for 6 weeks whilst he was having back surgery, he still drags himself around the office and can work provided he takes it easy.Stand-Up Desk Melbourne
After researching to see if this was another one of Nick’s short-lived fads, I discovered that along with other lifestyle changes the health benefits are too hard to ignore. I also found that Nick’s little IT mate from Geelong also has a stand-up desk however with the stand-up desk finding its way everywhere across schools, workplaces and home office spaces I gave him the benefit of the doubt.
The stand-up desk claims to reduce the risks of contracting health issues such as diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. Taking a stand also has a few more benefits that I have discovered, so check out my 4 reasons to make the switch.

Increase your productivity

A recent study has shown that those who stood for 60-90 minutes a day are just as productive as those sit all day. There were some study’s that claimed that your productivity can be increased up to 45% by using a stand-up desk, this will depend on the individual of course.

Your back will love You

A stand-up desk can improve your posture by forcing you to stand up straight. There have been multiple studies where participants with chronic back pain found that by using a stand-up desk reduced upper back and neck pain by up to 54%.

Our very own Nick Moran is a long time back pain sufferer It’s only early days but he claims that it has indeed helped him get through his work days with less pain.

Shed a few KGs

You can burn up to 50 calories an hour standing up which does not sound like much but if you were to stand up at your desk for 3.5 hours a day 5 days a week you would burn an extra 1125 calories a week.

Whilst standing you are also able to so some additional exercises such as:

Side Lunges

Step to the side, straightening one leg while bending the other. Hold your position for a few seconds, and then return to standing. Switch legs and repeat.


Slowly bend one leg at the knee and raise the heel, aiming to touch it to the back of your thigh


Keeping feet about shoulder width apart and slowly bending your knees while pushing the buttocks backward.

The great thing is all these exercised can be done whiles on the phone or in-between emails.

You Don’t Have To Replace Your Desk

At Evolve IT we already have good quality desks. So, we decided to go for a stand-up desk that would fit on top of our regular desks. We choose the “VARIDESK CUBE CORNER 36”  it came fully assembled and was under $700.

A stand-up desk is a tool when used with other lifestyle changes will assist you in being healthier and more productive. Overall Nick’s experience has been positive, he has been able to work with less back pain and is working his way up to a side lunge.