Microsoft Azure RMS: Stop company emails getting into the wrong hands

Microsoft Azure RMS: Stop company emails getting into the wrong hands

Since its inception in the 1960s email has, slowly but surely, become ingrained in our everyday lives – both at home and in the office. Unfortunately, as with any medium designed to share information, the risk of that information getting into the wrong hands is a very real threat. Be it client details or sensitive financial info, data breaches cost Australian companies millions of dollars each year.

But how can this threat be addressed without compromising on efficient communication? Enter Azure Rights Management Service (RMS), a Microsoft service designed to restrict access to important content and ensure your business secrets stay just that.[/vc_column_text]

Microsoft Azure Rights Management Service

One of the key features of Azure RMS is the ability to apply restrictions to emails and enforce them both in- and outside your organisation. Whether it be due to a disgruntled employee, unauthorised access or a simple oversight, preventing costly data leakage by stipulating how emails are forwarded or replied to is quick and easy to configure.

When a user receives a protected email a message in Outlook is displayed describing the restrictions in place, which can include the ability to reply, forward, save and even print messages.

If the intended recipient is not using Outlook, the message remains encrypted and the user is provided with information necessary to view the email securely.

Alongside email encryption, it is also possible to protect virtually any document format with just a few clicks, utilising advanced file encryption to protect your documents while in transit and at rest. It is even possible to monitor who has attempted to access the documents in question, when they did so and if they were successful long after a file has left your business’ network – providing useful information for peace of mind and security auditing.

Cloud Based Service

Perhaps the one of the most attractive aspects of Azure RMS is how easy it is to deploy, configure and manage. As a cloud based service, there are no on premise servers required to purchase and maintain, and integration with other Microsoft services, such as Office 365, is included by design.

While there is no magic bullet to safeguard your company’s important data from every conceivable threat, Azure RMS provides a robust and comprehensive solution to address the most prominent risks. If you are interested in starting a conversation about securing your digital assets, looking to improve your existing data security implementation or just curious to learn more about the features of Azure RMS and Office 365 get in touch with Evolve IT today.

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