Bogans, burgers and smashing the status quo

Bogans, burgers and smashing the status quo

Headed down with the family to our caravan in a very nice park called Kangerong in the peninsula suburb of Dromana over the Melbourne Cup weekend.  Even with all the best intentions, this is something we certainly don’t do enough due to kids sport, kids parties – pretty much kids in general but we all thoroughly love the break when we get there.  For those privileged enough to live in Melbourne where Cup Day is a public holiday and the day before is a soft holiday (very few people work), it’s a long 4 day weekend for many.  We hadn’t been there since around Easter time so when you arrive, you do the normal unpacking of the car (kids disappear) and instantly curiosity takes over and you take a look at who’s come down that you haven’t seen or caught up with, what’s new in the park, what’s changed in the town, catch up with the guy at site 25 as he hasn’t given me any good tips recently – that type of stuff.

Time for a wander around

It was soon apparent that there was a buzz in the air and I sh*t you not, it was about the local supermarket.  Rubbish you say – Nick, you are taking some serious poetic licence here.  Well, fair enough I tend to put some GST on some stories occasionally but on this occasion, I’ll see you and raise you.  Out of the 15 or so people I talked to, at least 10 of them said “have you seen what they have done to Ritchies?” or “how good is the upgrade to the supermarket?”.  I quickly returned to my wife Kellie who was still unpacking the car and I said “We need to check out the supermarket”.  Intrigued at my interest in a supermarket, we walked down the street after seeing the bloke at site 25.

Yep, it was a supermarket but it was different, innovative and to be honest – refreshing.  You name it, they had it (or more to the point, we found it) and this included a juice bar.  I went back later with a mate from another site to get some meat for dinner for our families and came back with premium meat, brioche buns, premium cheeses and about $100 of other things we didn’t set out on buying.  We came back known as the cashed up bogans of the caravan park.

Huge kudos goes out to Ritchie Dromana for daring to be different and having the balls to smash the status quo.  It’s so easy to do the same thing over and over again with a bit of a spit and polish every few years but to change the game the way they did puts them ahead of the curve in order to not only protect but to grow market share.

Here comes the twist and full disclosure

About a week or so after another luckless Cup Day long weekend, I saw a client of ours for over 15 years Ausmart International post an article on LinkedIn about their shop-in-a-box model and their most recent project of building a concept store for Ritchies in Dromana.  How awesome is it to see a great company do amazing work but more amazing, smashing the status quo for their clients with refreshing new initiatives let alone many companies 20+ years old (Evolve IT Australia excluded of course).  Over a year ago we sat down with Ausmart‘s project team and had a very general discussion around the way they currently work and discussed innovative ways they can embrace technology even more in order to provide an amazing experience and result for the client.  Following this team discussion, Microsoft Surface Pros were rolled out to the project team and cloud based project management software introduced to ensure the team worked as efficiently and effectively as possible.  Seeing the result of that first hand and entirely by chance is very cool.

Huge congratulations to Roger and the Ausmart International team for leading this innovative project.