5 Ways NFPs And NGOs Are Changing The Way They Raise Money

5 Ways NFPs And NGOs Are Changing The Way They Raise Money

Fundraising is a critical part of a non-for profit (NFP) and non-government organizations (NGO) daily life. Traditionally, a lot of this fundraising was done offline. However, as with a lot of things the times are changing. NFP’s and NGO’s are currently turning to technology to maximize their fundraising outcomes.

Now more than ever, NFPs and NGOs can access fundraising from around the globe using cloud based applications and mobile apps.

Below I have created five ways that you can give to an NFP or NGO in need. These days you can donate to charities without filling out mountains of paperwork or sitting on those dreaded cold calls that seem to go on forever.

1 – Enjoy a beer and give back at the same time

Charity Tap

With pubs jumping on board all over Melbourne, a customer just has to purchase a beer and a percentage goes to a charity. “Charity Tap” chooses a new Feature Charity to receive 80% of the money raised over that two-month period and when the two-month period is up they choose another well deserving charity group. The remaining 20% of the donation is divided up between administration fees and other chosen charities.

If you are a DGR 1 https://www.ato.gov.au/non-profit/getting-started/endorsement/deductible-gift-recipient-(dgr)-endorsement/types-of-dgrs/ charity, you can sign up a company here http://www.charitytap.com.au/

2 – Run Up A Bill

Charity Miles

It seems that we as a country have started to rediscover our need for exercise. If you need a little more motivation, why not try charity miles. It’s a US based company where they get corporate sponsors to donate 25 cents per mile (1.6kms) if you are going for a run or a walk and 10 cents per mile (1.6kms) if you are riding your bike.

They have 37 partners whom you can choose to donate to, which includes WWF and ASPCA. Any charities looking at going on the waiting list can apply via this link.

3 – Pre-tax giving


Good2Give is a workplace giving platform that is a simple and secure way for employees to give regular or one-off pre-tax donations directly to the causes that matter to them. The idea is that it minimizes the cost for the employee and maximizes the benefit for the charity.

It’s very easy to set up, and it can help companies create a pronounced giving culture within their own organization.

4 – Crowd Funding

My Cause

My cause is a considerable way to capitalize on community support. Whether it is a new project, equipment, event, charity trip or even regular giving My Cause has what you need to get you over the line. They have raised over $40 million for over 15 thousand charities.

5 – Social Media

Facebook | Twitter | Google + | Instagram | YouTube | Linked In | Pinterest

For those who don’t have the spare money to give to a charity, there are many ways that you can help without spending a cent. Reposting or sharing a blog post form a charity can sometime have a bigger impact on the organisation than a one-off donation. This gives awareness and shares information to the broader community.

The powers of social media can be very influential, and on occasions can go viral. An example of this is the ice bucket challenge that has gone viral twice. The idea behind it was once nominated you could either comply within in 24 hours and pour a bucket of iced water over yourself or make a chartable financial donation.