Millar Merrigan Case Study

From Project Work to Fully Managed Support

How partnering with Evolve IT reduced costs by $107k pa and increased revenue by $160k pa.


As multi-disciplinary consultants for subdivision and medium density land development projects, Millar Merrigan manages large-scale projects across Victoria that need reliable IT infrastructure like any other growing enterprise.

With 75 staff across two locations in Victoria, Millar Merrigan depends on the access to the right IT experts and resources to help the business focus on delivering positive customer outcomes, rather than IT.

Chris Constantine, Millar Merrigan’s Civil Engineer, said that “As a business, the model has changed as its difficult in IT to get someone to stay for a period of time, because it’s pretty repetitive and not particularly interesting”.

The (Evolve IT) advantage is looking at our overall business structure and how we service different parts of the business.
Chris Constantine, Civil Engineer, Millar Merrigan


In terms of improving IT downtime, business efficiency and the ability for key staff to focus on revenue-generating deliverables, Chris identified the opportunity to use resource limitations as a catalyst to consolidate Millar Merrigan’s approach to IT, and provide the business with peace of mind around how it adopts the latest technology and be ready for change.


Following a robust evaluation, Chris decided that it would be more cost effective to transition from using Evolve IT as project-based specialist to a fully managed IT service and strategic partner.

“There has been some good stuff that we’ve done (in partnership) that we’re agile enough to deal with what changes that are coming” says Chris.

“It’s a space where things move extremely quickly. I think previously we weren’t in a place where there was a lot of forward planning of where we’re going. Now we have an idea of where we’re heading and it’s a give and take process, what recommendations can Evolve provide and we can come together to get us to that point.”


  1. Reduced IT support workload by up to 20 hrs/week
  2. Saved $107,600 pa in operating costs
  3. Increased revenue by $160,000 by eliminating adhoc IT support by key revenue-generating staff

Millar Merrigan

Land Development



Key staff spending too much time on IT issues

Solution Outcomes

  • Reduced downtime
  • Cost saving
  • Increased revenue
  • Strategic partnership
Chris Constantine, Civil Engineer Millar Merrigan