Maximising results in Australia’s not-for-profit sector

How a robust ICT solution can help your NFP increase efficiencies and achieve better outcomes.

The not-for-profit (NFP) sector is becoming increasingly competitive. Every dollar counts, you are constantly scrutinised, and to achieve your objectives, you need to work in the most efficient and productive way possible. You also need to be smart about the way in which you attract funding and donations.

To ensure you are optimising your financial management, technology is playing an increasing role – especially in the area of information and communications technology (ICT). To maximise cash flow, and do more with the resources you have, you need to give your people fast, flexible and efficient ways to communicate and share information. To reduce overheads, you also need to consider how cloud-based software and managed software services can eliminate many of your fixed-cost IT infrastructure expenses, reduce the risk of system downtime, and give your people far more efficient ways of working.


Why quality ICT infrastructure is essential for not-for-profits

Not-for-profits are responding to increased competition by consolidating and being more creative in the way they attract and secure funding. Technology is becoming more and more essential in helping you optimise your productivity and establish a point of difference. Download the whitepaper to learn more about the unique challenges facing your sector, and how a quality ICT infrastructure can help NFPs, both internally and externally.

At Evolve IT, we understand the unique challenges of the not-for-profit sector, and have helped a range of not-for-profits improve their financial management through technology.

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VACCHO Case Study

As we mentioned in our recent whitepaper, it’s not uncommon for Australian non-profit organisations to be held back by ageing or cumbersome technology.

This was previously the case for leading non-profit, Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (VACCHO); the foremost representative body for the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal people living in Victoria.

When VACCHO realised a need for a digital transformation that would provide its staff and members with secure, reliable access to mission-critical data and apps, they engaged Evolve IT Australia. We conducted a comprehensive review of available upgrade options, and recommended a package of managed services anchored by a Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS), the market-leading virtual application and desktop delivery solution.

The digital transformation has been a great success, enabling VACCHO’s employees and members to work far more efficiently by accessing the data and apps they need, wherever they go, on any device they choose.


“An ageing infrastructure running unsupported versions of software not only lowered staff productivity, it also made us more susceptible to rising modern threats like ransomware. The team at Evolve IT helped us to extend the serviceable life of these older infrastructure environments, allowing us to access a modern supported hosted environment without the cost and complexity of immediately procuring all new physical equipment.”

Eddie Gibbons

Director, Business Services

Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (VACCHO)

“Evolve IT has moved Reach’s IT systems from a cupboard near the finance pod to the cloud – giving the staff the flexibility to work from anywhere and connecting them more than ever.”

Damian Gray

Office Manager

The Reach Foundation

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